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( A piece of land ) short film is now in Lift-off Toronto Film Festival

( A piece of land ) Short film by Ranja ali is now officially selected in Lift-off Toronto film festival. the short film has been made in june 2019 with a passionate hardworking team with lowest budget which was 75$ with more than 10 members of the team including actors and editors. synopsis Ahmed flees his war-torn homeland of Syria and is discriminated against in his new place of residence, Iraq, where he loses many of the rights he once had. The people of the new society he joins put him right back into the same misery he had felt before he arrived, making it impossible for him to move on and begin a new life.

The making of -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Crew

  • ranja ali Director

  • ranja ali Writer

  • ranja ali Producer

  • Ahmed Naseh Key Cast “Ahmed”

  • Akam Ibrahim Key Cast

  • Ahmed Shorsh Key Cast

  • Sakar Mahmood Key Cast

  • Tarza Omer Key Cast

  • Ara mahmood Key Cast

  • Poshen Atta Key Cast

  • Awa Esam Key Cast

  • Safa Karim Key Cast

  • Nza Hassan Key Cast

  • Havi Hawar Key Cast

  • Sazan Ali Key Cast

  • Hawar Ahmed Key Cast

  • Bahez Majeed Key Cast

  • Dwarozh Hoshiar making of

  • Baran Ali make-up Artist

  • Aland Qaradaxi Music Composer

  • Rekan Xasraw translation & voice over

  • Ranja Ali cinematography



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